Four Ways To Honor A Dearly Departed Artist After Cremation

Artists tend to see the world through their own special lens. Many artists will tell you that their artwork, whether it is painting, glass creations, writing, or other forms of art are an extension of their life and the world around them. If you have a relative or a good friend who was an artist and has recently passed on, there are several different ways that you can honor the artist in them, even in their death.

4 Ways To Make A Funeral Green To Save Money And The Environment

A traditional burial wastes wood, steel, money and land. The casket is made of steel, wood and other metals such as copper. If these resources were left out of a burial, there would be less of a demand for them, meaning less energy used in their production. Cemeteries take up large expanses of land that are then maintained with pesticides and herbicides. This destroys the homes for the natural wildlife in the area.

Four Unexpected Expenses You May Encounter When Planning A Funeral

During an unexpected death of a family member, you could find yourself planning a funeral that you are not prepared for. Funerals can range in price depending on the services you desire. In North America, the average price of a funeral is between $6,000 and $10,000. This is quite a bit of money that isn't always budgeted for. The figure mentioned is typically just for the main items like the casket, headstone, cost of digging the grave, and more.

Make Your Funeral Home Visit Less Stressful With These Tips

Visiting a funeral home to attend the visitation of funeral service or someone who has recently passed away can be a stressful experience. On one hand, you're trying to manage your own grief, which can be considerable if you had a close relationship with the person, while you're also trying to provide comfort to the family and show your support. It's easy for this anxiety to increase if you're uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the experience of visiting a funeral home.

How To Make Sure That You Are Not Overspending On A Funeral

If you want to make sure that you are not spending more money than you need to on funeral arrangements, you will need to pay close attention. Simply make use of the following tips and you should be able to provide a wonderful service without having to worry about going broke. Shop Around For A Funeral Home Not all funeral homes are going to charge the same amount of money for their services.