Four Ways To Honor A Dearly Departed Artist After Cremation

Artists tend to see the world through their own special lens. Many artists will tell you that their artwork, whether it is painting, glass creations, writing, or other forms of art are an extension of their life and the world around them. If you have a relative or a good friend who was an artist and has recently passed on, there are several different ways that you can honor the artist in them, even in their death.

Tattoo ink

If your friend was more on the wild side and practiced tattoo artistry, you may want to honor them with a tattoo in their memory. If you do, you can use their cremated remains to mix with the tattoo ink. Once the ink and the ashes are mixed together, your personal tattoo artist can create the tattoo memorial with a little piece of them included inside of the artwork. A commemorative tattoo is one of the most practical ways to honor a practicing tattoo artist.

Inside of a stained glass window

If you have a relative who loved to make beautiful pictures, they can actually become a beautiful picture of their own. There are companies that are able to mix a relatives ashes into a stained glass window in a picture of your choosing. If being an artist runs in the family, it can become a tradition for each person to have their cremated ashes placed into a window. This way, the family home is always beautified with the final creation of each artist of every generation.

Pencil lead                        

An author understands that the pen can be mightier than the sword. If your relative was a writer of any type, including a journalist, poet, novelist, or any other type of written word creator, you can have them turned into a personal pencil. During this process, the cremated ashes are mixed in with pencil lead and fashioned into pencils. You can choose to have them placed into one pencil, or you can hand them out as memorial pencils to all loved ones, including their writer friends.  

Glass jewelry                  

For the jewelry maker or the jewel in your life, your departed loved one can be fashioned into the type of jewelry of your choosing. After the cremation services, your family member can be turned into one diamond, or they can be turned into a piece of glass jewelry of your choosing. This way the person that you loved can become an invaluable piece of jewelry that stays with the family forever.

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