Four Unexpected Expenses You May Encounter When Planning A Funeral

During an unexpected death of a family member, you could find yourself planning a funeral that you are not prepared for. Funerals can range in price depending on the services you desire. In North America, the average price of a funeral is between $6,000 and $10,000. This is quite a bit of money that isn't always budgeted for. The figure mentioned is typically just for the main items like the casket, headstone, cost of digging the grave, and more. On top of the main items, there are other expenses you may not be aware of. In order to understand what a funeral is likely to cost you, here are some unexpected expenses you could be billed for. 


Many newspapers have gone away from reporting deaths for free. While you can still get a simple death announcement gratis, this isn't going to describe much about the person who has passed. If you want your loved one to be remembered, you are going to have to shell out a pretty penny to have your local newspaper print up an actual obituary. Larger papers will bill you more than rural papers. It is a good idea to inquire about the cost of an obituary in your local paper to find out if it is something you can afford ahead of time. 


While you may receive some flowers from the deceased's friends and other family members, you may want to also decorate with flowers directly from you. Typically, the cost of the funeral will not include flowers for the funeral home and grave site. Flowers for a funeral are a little different than regular arrangements you would get for special occasions. You want to check out several florists in order to get the best price. 


Not all cemeteries allow you to bury the casket directly into the ground. Some of them will ask that you place the casket in a vault to help ensure that the ground around the casket does not sink in. Be sure to contact the cemetery to make sure you understand their requirements. You may be required to purchase a vault on top of the cost of the casket. 

Detailed Casket

Not all caskets are created equal. A simple pine box will cost much less than an intricately detailed mahogany casket. Detailed caskets can cost up to $10,000. Before you go shopping for caskets, you want to set a budget. This way you can tell the salesperson what your budget is and they will guide you to the caskets you can afford. 

To learn more about the costs associated with a funeral, talk to an expert, like those at Shepherd Funeral Home.