4 Ways To Make A Funeral Green To Save Money And The Environment

A traditional burial wastes wood, steel, money and land. The casket is made of steel, wood and other metals such as copper. If these resources were left out of a burial, there would be less of a demand for them, meaning less energy used in their production. Cemeteries take up large expanses of land that are then maintained with pesticides and herbicides. This destroys the homes for the natural wildlife in the area. In addition, embalming fluid is a known carcinogen and it can leach into the ground after a burial. Last but not least, the cost of the casket, concrete vault, and burial plot will cost you much more than a simple, natural burial. Here are a few ways to make a funeral more eco-friendly.

Skip the Embalming

Embalming is not a necessity. As long as there is not the need for a post-mortem exam, you can make the arrangements and have the funeral within a few days of death. To help preserve the body, have it kept on ice or in a cool storage area of the funeral home. Look for businesses that offer green funeral services if you are not going to do it yourself. You may consider having the body buried and then holding a memorial service instead of a typical funeral. Keep the viewing to one evening only if you must have one.

Use Biodegradable Funeral Products

Instead of a metal casket, choose one made of soft wood that will decompose in the ground quickly. Forego the concrete vault entirely. You could also choose to bury your loved one in only a cloth shroud.

Choose a Green Cemetery or Memorial Park

An eco-friendly cemetery or memorial park does not use chemicals of any kind for landscaping purposes. Trees and flowers are left to grow naturally and the ground is not moved to create a large flat area. Fallen trees and natural hills are left for the animals that inhabit the area.

Place Natural Grave markers

Plant a bush, tree or a small garden of native flowers to mark the grave. Engrave a large stone you find in the area with the information you want to leave with the grave.

Once you skip all the unnecessary elements of a traditional funeral and burial, you will find you have saved quite a bit of money. You may not have a big cemetery with rows and rows of headstones to visit, but you will have a living plant growing in memory of your loved one. To make plans for a funeral, contact a funeral home like Clark Funeral Home Inc.