What You Need To Know About Filming A Funeral

Documenting a funeral for posterity is not as rare as it used to be when film and video equipment was large, expensive, and distracting. People now regularly take out their cell phones and video parts of memorial services and other somber events. Celebrities like Patty Duke and Whitney Houston had their funerals filmed and broadcast for others to see. If you want to capture the entire funeral on video, it is pretty easy and inexpensive to do.

How To Livestream A Funeral

It's unfortunate, but many people miss the funerals of people they knew and loved due to life circumstances, such as having to work or living a long distance away. One way you can overcome this problem at your loved one's funeral is to livestream the event. This process involves recording the event and posting the footage online in real time. Many funeral homes offer this service for an additional fee. If the funeral homes near you don't or you'd prefer to do it yourself, here's what you need to know to livestream the event.

A Guide To Closing Your Loved One's Accounts After He/She Passes

There are so many things to think about when a loved one dies. One of those is closing accounts and cancelling subscriptions. Here's all you need to know about going through this process to make it as simple as possible. Have All the Documents You Need You'll need to have certain documents to prove death and that you can handle affairs. The death certificate will need to be sent to companies, but you'll also need to prove that you are the representative and provide your own ID for that.

Sympathy 2.0: Helping Loved Ones Grieve In Modern Times

It has always been tricky to help someone who is grieving. The entire process is so painful, and it can be hard sometimes to discern whether an action will help or hurt the bereaved. With all the modern technology that has made everybody's life better, there are some drawbacks and challenges. Helping someone grieve in the modern age presents a whole new slew of etiquette dilemmas and issues that require sensitivity to handle.

3 Oft-Forgotten Things You Should Do When Making Your Own Funeral Arrangements

Thinking about one's own mortality is not something that many people look forward to, but taking the time to make some funeral arrangements before you pass can help alleviate the stress your family members will feel after your death. While selecting a casket and creating a funeral program are important things to consider, there are some lesser-known tasks that should be completed when making funeral arrangements as well. Here are three things you should do when planning your own funeral to reduce the stress your surviving family members will feel after your passing.