3 Reasons To Consider Cremation For A Deceased Love One

Due to death being the one event that is unpreventable in life, at some point planning a funeral becomes necessary. Unfortunately, the loved ones of the deceased are usually in charge of taking care of the funeral expenses, which is not financially easy for most people. If you are a loved one of a deceased family member and do not know how to plan or pay for a funeral, an option to consider is cremation. Unless your deceased loved one expressed the desire for a ground burial before he or she died, cremation will allow you to grieve without the burden of the expenses associated with a typical funeral. Cremation is respectable and comes with several advantages over a ground burial.

1. Cremation Does Not Involve Extensive Planning

Although having a traditional funeral ceremony is possible with cremation, it is not necessary. For instance, if you desire to plan a funeral ceremony, the urn will take the place of the casket. However, it is common for families of the deceased to not have a funeral ceremony, as ashes can be handled in several ways. You will not have to spend money on a casket, clothes, or anything else that is necessary for preparing the body of your loved one for ground burial. If you and your family would like to have a body viewing before the cremation, a casket can be rented via a funeral home.

2. Transporting an Urn is Easier Than Relocating a Casket 

If you would like to remain close to your deceased loved one throughout the years, a ground burial is ok if you never intend to relocate. However, if you relocate to a different city, you will have to invest in getting the casket excavated and transported to a different cemetery. On the other hand, cremation makes it easy for you to be around your deceased loved one no matter where you live. You can keep the urn of ashes with you no matter where you live.

3. Memorabilia Can Be Created for Multiple Family Members

Cremation is worth considering because ashes can be managed in various ways to keep your deceased loved one's memory alive. For example, other than scattering the ashes or keeping them in an urn, the ashes can be placed inside jewelry. You can give your family memories the jewelry as a keepsake that will be cherished throughout the years. Ashes can also be used to create other types of memorabilia.

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