3 Funeral Pre-Arrangement Tips

Pre-planning your own funeral is a smart move that will make things easier for your family when you die. By making funeral pre-arrangements now, you can feel at peace knowing that your funeral and burial or cremation will be handled based on your own preferences. It will also help your family because they won't have to make difficult funeral-related decisions during a time of sadness and grief. Here are three funeral pre-arrangement tips to keep in mind:

Decide on the Basics

When first starting to plan your funeral, it's crucial to get clear on your basic preferences. Meeting with a funeral director can be very helpful at this stage. One of the major things you will need to decide is whether you will be buried or cremated, so it's important to understand the pros and cons of each. You will also need to decide if you want to have a viewing before the funeral ceremony, as well as a memorial service afterward.

Decide on the Details

Once you decide on these major elements of a funeral, you can focus on the details. This may include things like who you would like to deliver the eulogies and readings at your funeral. If you plan to have music, you can get your preferences in writing, and do the same for any poetry or other material you would like to have read.

You can even decide on the tone of the funeral: some people prefer a traditional, formal, and somber funeral. Others would prefer a more casual and even joyful event.

Decide on the Financing

One of the main benefits of pre-planning your own funeral is that you can also pre-plan the financial aspects and even pre-pay for the arrangements yourself. This will eliminate significant stress for your loved ones at the time of your death. Start by checking out the average costs for funerals so you have a clear idea of how much to budget for.

One option is to purchase a package from a funeral home and pay for it now, which will allow you and your family to save money since funeral costs will likely increase over time.

In order to get started, simply make an appointment with the local funeral director of your choice. They will sit down with you and get all of your wishes and preferences in writing, which you can then share with your loved ones. 

For more info about funeral pre-arrangements, contact a local company.