Crafting the Perfect Obituary – What It Should Include

For most people, obituaries are not something they like to think about. However, in times of loss, they become an essential part of conveying your gratitude and respect for the departed. Crafting an obituary is not an easy task — it can be an emotionally taxing experience. But it is equally important to make sure the obituary truly captures the essence of the person, their life, and their accomplishments. This post will take a look at some essential tips that will help you craft an obituary.

Basic Information

The first paragraph of an obituary should include some basic information about the person who has passed away. This includes their name, age, and place of residence. You can also include the date and place of birth in this paragraph. This information is essential for long-distance relatives or friends who may not have been in touch with the deceased in recent years.

Personal Life

The next paragraph should give readers a glimpse into the personal life of the departed. This includes their hobbies, passions, and interests. It can include details like married life, children, and grandchildren. This paragraph should highlight the human aspect of the person, helping readers connect with their personality beyond their achievements in life.

Professional Life 

The third paragraph should focus on the professional accomplishments of the deceased. This can include details like their career path, job positions, and recognitions. Make sure to highlight significant achievements and milestones while keeping in mind that this section should not take the entire obituary. A brief mention of their professional life, along with their personal achievements, is critical to showcase a well-rounded obituary.

Surviving Family and Friends 

The fourth paragraph should mention the surviving family members and friends of the deceased. This is a crucial section as it helps the readers understand the impact of the loss on their loved ones. This can include spouses, children, parents, siblings, cousins, and close friends. You can also mention the details of any funeral or memorial service and if there are any particular requests or funeral customs that the family wants to share.

Crafting an obituary can be a daunting task, but it is an essential part of ensuring the legacy of the deceased is remembered and cherished. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can create an obituary that truly captures the essence of the person, their life, and their accomplishments. Remember, an obituary is a reflection of the person who has passed away and should do justice to their memory. Take the time to write a thoughtful and comprehensive obituary.