Cremation Jewelry: A Unique Way To Memorialize Your Loved One

There are several ways to deal with the ashes of your loved one after cremation. The conventional methods are scattering them on a water body, placing them in a decorative urn, or placing them in a designated memorial area. Did you know you can also choose to have a small portion of the ashes incorporated into a pendant, ring, bracelet, or other form of jewelry? You can do that by taking your favorite jewelry and ashes to a jeweler who'll use a small compartment or chamber within the jewelry piece to hold a small portion of the ashes securely. This piece provides insight into why cremation jewelry provides a unique way of remembering your deceased loved one. 

Cremation jewelry is easy and convenient to carry

It's a natural feeling to want to carry the memory of your deceased loved one everywhere you go. However, walking around with urns or keepsakes is difficult and sometimes inconvenient due to their sizes and the high likelihood of falling, breaking, and scattering the ashes. Incorporating the ashes in your favorite jewelry gives you a discreet and practical way to carry a physical reminder of your loved one wherever you go. That's because jewelry pieces are often small and light, making them easy to carry around. Moreover, you'll often wear them, and forgetting them is difficult. That gives you a sense of comfort and security, knowing that your loved one is always with you, no matter where life takes you. 

Cremation Jewelry provides a meaningful way to honor special occasions and milestones

Most people miss their deceased loved ones the most during special moments and events they spend together, such as marriage anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. Having several pieces of cremation jewelry for such occasions is a meaningful way to keep their memories and honor the good times you had together. Moreover, jewelry also serves as a conversation starter during such moments. They often spark curiosity from others, allowing you to share stories and memories of your loved one and keep their legacy alive. 

Cremation jewelry gives room for versatility and customization 

Another unique reason for cremation jewelry is that they come in various designs that allow you to keep the memory of your loved one based on how you remember their tastes and preferences. For example, if they had a love and passion for nature, you could make a piece that features elements such as leaves, flowers, or trees. You can also make pieces incorporating animal shapes and paw prints if they are animal lovers. 

Take Away

Cremation is an important way of keeping the physical memories of your loved one. Making cremation jewelry is one of the many things you can do with their ashes to honor them in the best way possible and respect their wishes.