Why People Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial

More people are soon expected to use cremation services over a traditional burial. If you are working on your funeral re-plan, this is a choice you'll want to consider. Don't leave the decision up to your family after you have passed away. Here are some of the reasons that people choose cremation over a full-body burial.

1. You have more control over the costs.

Cremation gives you more options than traditional burial that affect the overall cost of your funeral pre-plan. For example:

  • You can be cremated right after your passing and skip the viewing, which requires embalming, restoration and the use of a casket.
  • You can have your ashes, referred to as cremains, placed in a simple box and returned to your family so you won't need an expensive casket.
  • You can even have your cremains scattered over a favorite location, such as a park or waterway, so you won't need space in the cemetery for your cremains.

But you also have the choice of participating in many of the same services as if you selected full-body burial. For example, you can have a viewing service with an open casket and have your body cremated afterwards.

2. The cremation option gives your family more time to respond to your death.

Funeral homes have a limited time in which to do something with your physical body. This means your family must hurry to make your final arrangements and to get notices out about your funeral. It also puts a burden on people who must travel from far away to get to the funeral.

When you are cremated, your family can take their time setting up the funeral services. People from out of town will also have time to make their plans and travel.

3. You'll have some eco-friendly options with cremation.

Some people choose cremation so they make a smaller footprint on the planet after their passing. Some of the options this gives you includes:

  • skipping the viewing so you won't need the harsh embalming chemicals
  • using a small box or urn for your cremains so you won't need an elaborate casket
  • scattering your cremains over a favorite spot so you won't take up space in a cemetery

4. Cremations makes it easier for your family to get you home.

Should you pass away from out of town, it can be difficult and expensive for your family to get your body back home for the funeral. If you are cremated wherever you passed away, then your cremains can be easily shipped to your family. This is especially helpful if you do a lot of international travel and you pass away when out of the country. For more information, contact a company like Final Care Cremation Services