What To Consider When Researching Funeral Homes

If you're considering doing a funeral pre-plan, you'll want to put some time into finding just the right funeral home to work with. Most funeral homes offer similar services. Your search will uncover unique services offered as well as evaluate the staff and funeral director to make sure that they will be of help to your family when you have passed away. Here are a few of the areas to look at when evaluating funeral homes.

Management and Staff

Talk with the funeral director and some of the staff at each funeral home you're considering. You need to be comfortable working with them, but you also want to make sure that they will treat your family well when you have passed on. Some of the signs that you have found the right team to work with you include:

  • the staff enjoy their work and have a positive attitude about working with their customers
  • you don't feel pressured to buy any of the additional services
  • the director and staff make recommendations to get what you want without going over your budget

Grief Counseling

Funeral homes handle grief counseling in a variety of ways. Learn about how each one handles grief services and choose the best fit for your family members. Some of the approaches include:

  • Some facilities have a trained grief counselor on staff. The counselor may offer group sessions, one-on-one sessions, and ongoing support groups.
  • Other funeral homes may provide similar grief services but through an individual contractor. The only difference may be that the sessions are held in the therapist's office and not in the funeral home.
  • Another option is that the funeral home directs your family to local groups and individuals that specialize in grief management. 

Cemetery Services and Management 

If the funeral home you're considering owns and maintains a cemetery, and you're considering using it, get a copy of the rules and regulations governing the cemetery. These will contain restrictions regarding such things as the materials allowed for memorials and the size and shape of headstones. These regulations may be too limiting for you and make it difficult for your family to execute your funeral plans.

Administrative Support

Some funeral homes offer administrative services that your family may find helpful. Filing for insurance or military benefits can be challenging and places additional burden on your family that they don't need at that time. Some funeral homes will assist your family to make sure that these administrative tasks are done correctly.

For further information, contact a local funeral home, such as Memorial Mortuaries.