How To Have A Green Funeral

Many people are trying to find ways to leave a lighter carbon footprint and leave a better world for the next generation. One way to do that is with living greener and being ecologically friendly. It is possible to continue that desire into death by requesting that your family give you a green funeral or contemplate cremation.

What Is A Green Funeral?

A green funeral is a funeral where the body is placed in a biodegradable casket and no embalming fluids are used. It is vital that you find a company that understands your wishes and can offer a spot that is certified to be a green burial spot. In addition, they will make sure that loved ones are still cared for with respect, while giving you a lot of options to have the funeral you desire.

Make Your Wishes Known

You'll want to make sure that your family knows your wishes and understands what course to take. It is best to have a living will that offers a guide or a set of instructions on how to carry out your funeral. It may be more simple to have your remains cremated so there is a reduction in toxic chemicals. It is also easier to find cremation services, and remains can be placed in natural pots.

Think About The Service

Even if you request not to have a wake, it is likely that people will want to remember you with a celebration of your life. Therefore, it is also important for you to think about how you want your memorial to be held. Instead of bringing flowers, request gifts to be donated. Some ideas include donating money to a charity that you back, or planting a tree to remember you by. While flower farms are used for funerals, they remove nutrients from the ground. In addition, they are only short lived, so a charitable donation or planting a tree will have a longer memorial for those left behind.

Finally, make sure that the funeral home you designate as your desired location uses recycled products. This includes paper for the programs and plates for the refreshments. If you want a few flowers at your funeral, you can always look for sources that are organic and local to your area. Regardless of what your choices are, talking to your loved ones and having things set up will make it easier for them after you have passed, even if it is a discussion that most people do not want to have.