Selecting A Memorial Grave Marker For A Loved One: Dos And Don'ts

When a loved one passes, of course you want to memorialize them. If you're planning on having them buried in a casket or even burying their cremation urn in a memorial ceremony, you may want to consider having a memorial grave marker installed as well. As you shop for a memorial grave marker for your loved one, however, there are some important dos and don'ts that you won't want to overlook.

DO Be Mindful of Cemetery Regulations

Start by asking the cemetery where your loved one is being buried and what their rules and regulations are in regards to memorial grave markers. Some cemeteries, for example, may require you to purchase a grave marker exclusively from them. Even those that allow you to buy from an outside company may have rules regarding the size and even the design of the grave marker itself. This way, you can avoid the hassle and stress of purchasing a grave marker that's prohibited on the grounds.

DON'T Forget to Insure a Grave Marker

Grave markers typically aren't cheap, yet many people who spend their hard-earned money on one fail to even consider the possibility of having it insured. Over time, grave markers can become chipped, broken, or otherwise damaged by the elements, so why not have your loved one's insured so that it can be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you as needed? Most home insurance companies will cover a memorial grave marker for a small cost.

DO Inquire About Installation/Maintenance

If you're buying a memorial grave marker from an outside company, check with the cemetery to see if they require you to pay their groundskeepers to install it, or if you can bring in the outside company to do it. The same goes for maintenance. Who will be responsible for taking care of the grave marker? In most cases, the cemetery groundskeepers will provide basic maintenance (such as making sure the marker doesn't become overgrown by grass and weeds), but what if you need any repairs or adjustments made to the grave marker?

DON'T Overlook Additional Accessories

Finally, realize that grave markers are just one way you can memorialize your loved one. Depending on the cemetery's regulations, you may also want to consider adding a lighting package, built-in floral vase, or even decals to the grave marker to further customize it. From there, you can memorialize your loved one in a unique way.

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