How To Design The Perfect Headstone

Designing the perfect headstone for a loved one can be a cathartic experience. By choosing the design, fonts, quotes, or photographs etched onto the stone, you are designing a piece of history that is meant to last forever as a tribute. The things that go onto a headstone can say many things about the deceased. How they will be missed and are loved are one part of a memorial. But who they actually were as a person is also an important part of a marker. By choosing symbols or photographs that truly represent the deceased, you are helping to accurately preserve their memory for all of eternity. The following is a list of suggestions to guide you while designing a headstone, so that the perfect design is rendered.


What was the most important aspect of the person's life? The identity that a person chooses to associate with is an important part of a memorial. Was the deceased part of a trade or career that he/she was proud of? This can be reflected through symbols on the stone. Hobbies can be an important part of identity as well. For example, an avid equestrian might have a horse on their headstone while a librarian might have a book. Someone who has a strong faith might prefer to have a religious symbol or quote placed on the marker.


There has been a trend for several decades of having a photograph of the deceased etched onto the stone. This can be a lovely way to remember the person and put a face to the name on the headstone. Today's technologies make it possible for an exact likeness to be placed on the stone. If a photograph is going to be part of the stone, there are a few options for choosing the best picture.


You may prefer to select a photograph that was taken of the deceased close to the age that they passed away. The other option is choosing a photograph of the deceased when they were young and in their prime. Or perhaps there is a favorite portrait that the person preferred.


Depending on the personality of the deceased, you may prefer to select a candid photograph that shows the person in a more casual manner, or perhaps a formal studio photograph with professional lighting is more appropriate. Whatever picture is selected should highlight the true personality and most natural expression of the person.

Now that you have a few things to consider, you can begin designing a fitting tribute to your loved one that will stand the test of time and let the world know who this person was in life. Contact a provider, like Maurice Moore Memorials, to find the right headstone for your loved one.