Before It's Too Late: Plan Your Own Non-Traditional Funeral Today

Planning your departure from this world probably isn't on your to-do list or penciled in your daily planner for today. However, with the uncertainty of life, it's not something you should put off.

Planning ahead is especially important if you don't like traditional funeral services and desire to take a non-traditional approach. For instance, you may prefer to plan a party as a celebration of your life rather than have others mourn your death in a traditional service.

Having your services pre-planned is also a gift of love you leave for your loved ones. Dealing with the emotional impact of losing a loved one can make thinking clearly to plan funeral services a challenge. Having everything in place allows your loved ones time to grieve without the stress of planning a funeral.

Visit your local funeral home to discuss your pre-planning wishes and desires. They will help you plan the services that are right for you.

Write your own eulogy and obituary

Do you want to leave your mark on the world or make an impact on your friends and family? Is there a message you would like to share with others about life? Writing your own eulogy is a great way to get your message out.

Penning your final words will let others know what causes or life lessons you are passionate about. It's also a great way to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you.

You could share favorite quotes, scriptures, etc. You could include a funny family memory. A self-written eulogy will be a comfort to those remaining as they listen to your final words of wisdom being read.

Another option is to record your message if you prefer an even more personal approach.

Writing your own obituary enables you to get all the details right. Decide what hobbies, organizations, and other personal information you want to include. Your family will only need to add the date of death when the time arrives.

Pick your tunes

Your services should be a reflection of you. Choose a selection of favorite songs to be played at the time of the viewing and funeral. Who says you can't play rock and roll at a funeral?

Do it your way. Select the music, artists, and songs you listened to over the course of your life. Your music style is another way to express your unique personality to your family and friends.

Dress for the occasion

Have you ever been to a funeral and wondered why the family dressed the individual in clothing that seemed totally out of character for them? It happens all the time.

If jeans and tee shirts are your thing, then why dress up? Let your clothing reflect the person you were before your death.

Coming to terms with your own mortality is never easy, but it's something everyone must face eventually. Think of your life as a reason to celebrate and make your departure plans accordingly.

Not only will you feel better knowing you have things in place, your family will be grateful for the peace of mind knowing your funeral services were planned according to your wishes. To get started on your plans, contact a local funeral home like Marine Park Funeral Home Inc